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Political Monitor is a political risk research and advisory firm. Our analysis provides insight into the implications of political risk for commercial valuations,corporate governance, asset selection, investment management, strategic planning and operational decisions.

The firm was established to meet a need in the market for deep strategic thinking about the business challenges and opportunities that arise from political decisions. Our approach inherently recognises that political risk, like any form of risk, can produce both benefits and costs. Importantly, our work goes beyond the day to day noise of politics and seeks to identify longer-term political trends that business can assess and take action.

Political Monitor is led by Damian Karmelich (Partner - Sydney) and Steve Cusworth (Partner - Melbourne).

Steve is a senior regulatory affairs adviser who has provided advice and leadership on major regulatory, policy and political issues for corporations, governments and not-for-profit organisations for almost 20 years. A Certified Practising Engineer, his previous roles include service as a Chief of Staff within the executive of government and he also holds a Master of Commerce in International Trade and Business.

Damian has 20 years of experience at the nexus of political and commercial decision-making providing him with unique insight into the business implications of political risk. Damian has been a political adviser and consultant and a leader in the credit and business information industries with a focus on risk management. He holds a Masters of International Business and a Masters of International Relations.

In addition to the partners of the firm, Political Monitor draws on a network of analysts and specialists to provide quality insight and advice on specific industry segments and emerging policy issues.


Political risk is the risk that derives from both the decisions of government and the broader stability of a political system. It has the ability to impact company valuations and influence long term commercial planning. Political risk can emerge from any level of government – local, state or national – and at any level of decision making – political or bureaucratic.

While political risk is most often thought of in terms of country risk the reality is that firms and investors can be exposed to political risk at an industry, sector or firm level even in those countries that represent as a safe risk at the macro level. Political Monitor recognises this reality and focuses its research accordingly.

You can learn more about political risk and markets here.


Political Monitor analysts have practical political and business experience in addition to formal qualifications. We are not just academics.

We have been political advisers and consultants and held senior roles in the private sector, particularly in the risk management and business information industries and regulatory affairs space. We have extensive networks across politics, business and media and use this network to gather information and insight that informs our analysis. Where appropriate we also rely upon secondary data sources, which we disclose in our reports. We build our analysis and advice based on effective and consistent methodologies and clear quantifiable metrics.

We are not lobbyists nor in the government relations business. Political Monitor is singularly focused on helping clients understand the commercial implications of political trends and events and putting them ahead of their competitors in preparing for changes to the political and regulatory environment.

To learn more about Political Monitor and our approach please contact:

Ph (Aus): +61 3 9005 1852

e: info@politicalmonitor.com.au

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