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Political Monitor offers specialised bespoke and advisory services for clients that are seeking a deeper understanding of political trends and the implications for business.


Political Monitor’s bespoke reports provide political risk analysis tailored to a firm’s specific circumstances and need.

The final report is developed after extensive internal consultation to ensure we have fully identified the nature of firm or industry risk and the implications for the development of longer-term business strategy. Our bespoke reports provide recommendations on how to respond to emerging risks and identify some potential new risks that may emerge. Bespoke reports also include a consultation session where we present our findings and discuss the implications with appropriate business leaders.

Importantly, we will never resell a bespoke report to any other firm in your industry. This ensures that you have exclusive access to our insight and are able to acquire an advantage over your competitors.


Political Monitor provides advisory services to those firms that have a need for ongoing risk analysis and professional support in responding to political risks. Our advisory services are accessed by clients for both short and long-term projects and cover areas such as strategic planning, asset selection and investment oversight.

Our services are also used to determine the broader role of political risk monitoring and response in enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies and systems. This reflects a growing awareness in the market that political risk is as important as other types of risk in business planning and needs to be monitored and managed in a systematic way.

To discuss your specific needs please contact Political Monitor below:

Ph: 1300 799 372

Damian Karmelich (Partner - Sydney)
E: karmelichd@politicalmonitor.com.au

Steve Cusworth (Partner - Melbourne)
E: cusworths@politicalmonitor.com.au

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