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Who should subscribe to Political Monitor?

We are all exposed to political risk issues at different levels and with different impacts to our daily lives.

Political Monitor’s data, research and analysis provide insight into the commercial and policy implications of political trends and events. Our analysis is primarily focused on the implications of political trends over the medium to long term rather than providing a commentary on the daily political cycle.  We are singularly focused on cutting through the daily noise and are in the business of providing actionable information and providing a unique and informed perspective on political risk issues.

We recognise that in this data rich world, useful information is still hard to come by and we understand both time pressures and the demand for quality insight.  Our subscription information including analysis, proprietary indices and risk assessments are designed to provide busy professionals a short yet sharp insight into often complex matters.

Our information is designed to assist C-suite executives exposed to local, national or global political or regulatory uncertainty, corporate affairs professionals, policy setters in government assessing cross-jurisdictional issues and their local impacts, market analysts, risk officers, investment professionals and media analysts seeking deep yet succinct insight into issues.  The breadth and depth of our premium content information provides an ongoing and contemporary resource of political risk analysis to inform all decision makers


Political Monitor analysts have practical political and business experience in addition to formal qualifications. We are not just academics.

We have been political advisers and consultants and held senior roles in the private sector, particularly in the risk management and business information industries. We have extensive networks across politics, business and media and use this network to gather information and insight that informs our analysis. Where appropriate we also rely upon secondary data sources, which we disclose in our reports.

We are not lobbyists or in the government relations business. Political Monitor is singularly focused on helping clients understand the commercial implications of political trends and events and putting them ahead of their competitors in preparing for changes to the political and regulatory environment.

To learn more about Political Monitor and our approach please contact:

Ph (Aus): 1300 799 372

e: info@politicalmonitor.com.au

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